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Why we are good?

Because we harvest roses before sunrise and boil it same day with its all natural flavours

Likes Guaranteed

Everybody who bought our product liked it and requested more. You gonna like it too...


Due to being boiled at the same day of harvest All natural rose flavour is protected, bottled and stored in suitable medium without adding additional any kind of chemicals.


We gather our own roses from our own gardens , boil them and send you directly without any third party contractor. Feel free to visit our gardens. Esp during May season.

Pure Rose Water

We leave natural rose oil in rose water

We send you the purist form of Rose water, with only one boiling cycle without taking all the natural oil out.

Pure Rose Oil

We only had to take the oil residue at top of main container and bootle it.

Very little amount of this rose oil is packed in to 1 mL and 5 mL containers, You will love the quality a lot.

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Pictures From Our Garden and Facility


Rose Flower

“Rose Flower“ from our own garden for your special needs.

Only in season!

NOT: Due to heavy workload on cargo companies we had to stop rose flower sale after 5th of may.

Rose Jam

Rose jam prepared by our own roses in wood fire.

Only natural beet sugar was used.

Stocks are limited!

Rose Oil

We offer this precious natural rose oil which only comes out in the first stage of the boiling process in 1 mL and 5 mL packages.

Rose Water

All of our rose products are distilled via traditional methods without taking the natural rose oil out of rose water.

Visit Our Gardens and Facility..

Happy to see you here.

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